Gun Control PSA by Rick Boyko, 1980.(Released shortly after the assassination of John Lennon)This message is still true 30 years later…


Gun Control PSA by Rick Boyko, 1980.
(Released shortly after the assassination of John Lennon)

This message is still true 30 years later…

Womens Sports

It really irritates me that women’s sport in this day in age is still something that the media pay no attention to whatsoever. Their argument is that there is no interest in it, well my argument is that if you can generate interest in the reprobates on ‘TOWIE’ & ‘Made in Chelsea’ - I guarantee you that if you gave women’s sport the amount of air time and media attention you give men’s then it would indeed be a popular interest in people’s lives.

For example Wimbledon. The amount of hype and media interest in the mens final was over and above the interest, if any, in the women’s final. This I suppose the opposing argument could be because Andy Murray was British and thus being the reason for the interest but still the women’s final was played early in the morning and had nowhere near as much coverage.

I can’t speak for everyone but my opinion is that a lot of women do not play sport in their day to day lives because for one, its just not a thing ‘women do’. It’s alright for your boyfriend to say he is going to play 5 a sides on a Tuesday night but if a girl were to try and arrange such a thing with her girl mates or even mixed mates, I would bet there would be some sort of ridicule comment to go along with it.

Why is it not normal that every sport is an open? Why is it not that if you are good at a sport you just play another person? Tennis doubles could be 2 men vs a woman and a guy or 2 women vs 2 men or any mix you can do.

I would not disagree with there being certain tournaments that are men only or women only but why is there so little push for mixed sport?

The biggest thing that annoys me is people who argue that the best female player of a sport vs the best male of a sport - the male would always win. Why? Why do you idiots assume this? Maybe in a strength sport, the male is built to be able to train to be stronger then fine. But who is to say the woman can’t give it a go? The other point being that in say, a game of badminton? Why would it matter if you were male or female?

This will probably play on my mind today where I will come back and write more but for now I am pissed off and want nothing more than to go play a game of badminton at bellahouston.


funny how i turn on BBC three to see that they are talking about how unusual it is for the women’s football to be on the front page of all the papers.. its obviously because they won for team GB, if they lost.. would there even be an article in the paper?

Ask yourself what you are worried about if same-sex marriage is legalized. Whatever your answer is, ask yourself if you really believe what you just came up with. Homosexuality is not going to spread. It is not communicable. Society is not going to turn into a Lady Gaga video. Most gay couples I know are just as boring as you and I. They sit on the couch and watch television. They work at the post office, the hospital, the grocery store, and at real estate agencies, just like heterosexuals do. They eat out at restaurants and shop at Target. Many have pot bellies and don’t have much fashion sense, just like me. They own pets, and go to church. They volunteer, sing Christmas carols, and buy Girl Scout cookies. What are you afraid of? What is going to change by allowing these people to commit to one another and enjoy the benefits that you and I enjoy: tax breaks, insurance breaks, bereavement leave, medical leave to care for a sick partner, domestic violence protection, visitation of partner in the hospital, burial determination, medical decisions on behalf of partner. Really sexy stuff. You and I take these things for granted. Nobody wants to go through life not knowing how they will deal with some of these difficult moments in life. Imagine if you were denied any of the above rights when the time came for you and your spouse to exercise that right? I’ll tell you what it would feel like. It would feel like you were a second-class citizen.